Luxury Hotel Services: The Sky Is The Limit

Luxury hotels are bending over backwards to comply with the increasing demand of well-to-do travelers for exclusive lodgings and services that cater to their every need. Services such as 24- hour butler services, private tours and pate for pets of their extravagant guests.

Take for instance the “Friends with Money” package offered by the Ritz Carlton New York Battery Park. This package helps you to share the good times with 30 of your best friends. According to the Chicago Tribune , you get to shower your 30 guests with one night’s lodging in executive suits, customer fireworks displays, city helicopter tours, a delicious five course dinner, and private massages to sooth body and soul. You, the generous and honored host, get to overnight in the 2000 square foot Presidential suite. And this night on the town comes with a price tag of $137,580, which may be considered quite reasonable for executives with impressive compensation plans and bonuses or high rollers who know how to ride the highs and avoids the lows in the stock market.

Or what about the “car sitting” services and the “car turn down” services available at Regent South Beach in Miami. For $500 guests can receive a “car sitter” to watch their Bentley or Ferrari all night. For $200 per night, this luxury hotel offers a car turn down service which includes interior vacuuming, tire pressure check, manual hand wash and wax services, and more.

Luxury hotels are competing to offer not merely comfort and convenience but unique and exclusive activities that their wealthy guests will value and remember long after their checkout dates. Hoteliers, eager for their business, happily comply. The result? Highly personalized, creative, exclusive and unique services and activities. And as far as we can tell, this may just be the beginning. When it comes to luxury accommodations one saying comes to mind: “the sky is the limit”.