Africa Pavilion – World Expo

The Africa Pavilion was a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the Expo. I’m just kidding of course. The Africa pavilion just cut out the line from it’s joint pavilion and lets people stream through in a mad rush to grab Expo passport stamps. And with around 50 countries being represented in one building there are lots of people hanging out in what is basically a warehouse. Now don’t get me wrong, the pavilion is worth visiting and it’s a great place to get out of the heat but the stamps have got to go. Continue reading “Africa Pavilion – World Expo” »


It may come as a surprise that singles holidays are so popular in the UK. They are not only popular among those in the late thirties and forties but even amongst those in their late fifties and senior citizens as well. The reason is simple. There are travel companies for organizing holidays that specialize in the essentialities of this kind of travel. Understanding the essence of singles holidays is important; single people would love to travel and see different places within a group and have a sense of security. Hassle free travel arrangements and still getting to enjoy their space and privacy is what matters to these holidaymakers. Continue reading “SINGLE HOLIDAYS – POPULARITY IN UK” »


Which I-Phone Or I-Pad Is The Best To Buy?

If you are looking to tour New Zealand, an i-Phone and/or an i-Pad are two of the ‘must-haves’ for the modern tourist, especially if you are planning a Self-Drive holiday. The use of an i-Phone or i-Pad will make your holiday more enjoyable, because it will enable you to find your way around (GPS), find scenic attractions, points of interest, find and book good accommodation `on the run’, check weather and calculate distances to travel, etc.

If you are looking to purchase one of these mobile devices, the question that many people ask is; “Which i-Phone is the best to buy?’ To answer that question, one needs to know what they mean when they refer to an i-Phone. As we all know, an i-Phone is the brand name of Apple, however people may also be referring to an Android phone when they ask that question. Continue reading “TOURING NEW ZEALAND” »

When Travelling To Brazil, Don’t Pass Up On Foz Do Iguacu

Among the most astounding sight-seeing opportunities inside South America is renowned Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguacu). These awe-inspiring waterfalls are beautiful and sit along the border of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguassu Waterfalls are more intensive and broader versus the widely recognized Niagara Falls and truly delightful sight to go to.

The falls can be visited anytime of the year, nevertheless the waterfalls tend to be their most incredible between the months of December to March, which will be the rainy season. In the arid season, the site is less astonishing – at the pinnacle of the dry season (August and September) there’s been minimal water present at times before. Continue reading “When Travelling To Brazil, Don’t Pass Up On Foz Do Iguacu” »

Ways To Find The Best Budget Accommodation And Travel

It is generally true that people are big fans of traveling. This is due to the fact that seeing and exploring new places, cities, countries etc.has always been an exciting prospect for the human kind. This is how America or India was detected. And the truth is that it is not only rich people who want to go abroad. This article is intended to guide those people who prefer to spend less money on holidays and are looking for budget accommodation and travel.

Before you continue to read this article you have to know that it is not going to tell you how you can go on holiday for completely free. But it will help you to get to places for as cheap as possible and stay there for as little money as possible. Continue reading “Ways To Find The Best Budget Accommodation And Travel” »

Adventure Travel Sites

Adventure travel sites are the venue where adventure travelers can obtain reliable information about adventure travel. Many people who are tired with their current situation and daily routine are looking for some activity that will invigorate and inspire them. That is why they engage in adventure travel to remedy dissatisfaction, boredom and frustration through spending time with nature.

Browsing the web is one of the most effective tools in searching for a reliable adventure travel sites. It is important that you find one that will provide you the best information and services you need. Keep in mind that you want to go on adventure travel to experience awesome and wild activities and have a chance to glimpse the inspiring and astonishing nature. Continue reading “Adventure Travel Sites” »

Looking For Hotels Close to Disneyland?

The natural and best choice of hotel when going on a Disneyland vacation would be the Disneyland Hotel. But it’s worth noting that the magic can extend beyond the borders of Disneyland to include hotels close to Disneyland as well. Staying in hotels close to Disneyland allows you to enjoy all the fun the theme park has to offer and then return to your nearby hotel room for the night. Often hotels close to Disneyland also offer lower rates than the Disneyland hotel itself.

What To Expect In The Guest Rooms

Guest rooms at hotels close to Disneyland are available as standard rooms, suites, or club rooms. All three types of rooms enjoy the following as standard amenities: Continue reading “Looking For Hotels Close to Disneyland?” »

Luxury Hotel Services: The Sky Is The Limit

Luxury hotels are bending over backwards to comply with the increasing demand of well-to-do travelers for exclusive lodgings and services that cater to their every need. Services such as 24- hour butler services, private tours and pate for pets of their extravagant guests.

Take for instance the “Friends with Money” package offered by the Ritz Carlton New York Battery Park. This package helps you to share the good times with 30 of your best friends. According to the Chicago Tribune , you get to shower your 30 guests with one night’s lodging in executive suits, customer fireworks displays, city helicopter tours, a delicious five course dinner, and private massages to sooth body and soul. You, the generous and honored host, get to overnight in the 2000 square foot Presidential suite. And this night on the town comes with a price tag of $137,580, which may be considered quite reasonable for executives with impressive compensation plans and bonuses or high rollers who know how to ride the highs and avoids the lows in the stock market. Continue reading “Luxury Hotel Services: The Sky Is The Limit” »

Looking For Great Holiday Villas in Spain?

Millions of tourists flock to Spain every year. It is one of the more frequented countries in the world, and for good reason. Spain has a beautiful culture and a very rich heritage. If you love art or wine ( or both) then you surely would agree that some of the most beautiful architecture and delicious wines and food are from Spain.

With so much to see, do and taste in Spain, spending just one week there may not be enough. That’s why more and more tourists are renting holiday villas in Spain. They want to spend more time there in the comfort of their “home away from home”. And with the beautiful holiday villas in Spain, they can! Continue reading “Looking For Great Holiday Villas in Spain?” »

Luxury And Romantic Holiday Resort: Selecting The Right One For You

There are, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of holiday romantic holiday options available, and the act of choosing a luxury holiday resort can be quite a daunting one – the perfect getaway will require lots of thought, and sometimes it is easy to feel spoiled for choice.

The All Important Location

One of the most important things to consider is the location. Some good options include small, private islands, such as Nukubati, Fiji – a small island such as this offers a great, Fijian flavor, nicely quiet and secluded, with beautiful, untouched scenery. Continue reading “Luxury And Romantic Holiday Resort: Selecting The Right One For You” »