Africa Pavilion – World Expo

The Africa Pavilion was a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the Expo. I’m just kidding of course. The Africa pavilion just cut out the line from it’s joint pavilion and lets people stream through in a mad rush to grab Expo passport stamps. And with around 50 countries being represented in one building there are lots of people hanging out in what is basically a warehouse. Now don’t get me wrong, the pavilion is worth visiting and it’s a great place to get out of the heat but the stamps have got to go.

Each country in this huge joint pavilion was allocated 320 sq. meters to show off the highlights of their country. Walking through the pavilion you will be amazed at how many countries you’ve never heard of because of Africa’s lack of representation in the developed world. The exhibits are on the small side and the information presented runs the gamut in terms of quality. The countries of Africa are all in various stages of development and as you visit one country after the other you can get of feel of the past, present and future in terms of standard of living, environmental efforts and urbanization.

The pavilion itself is located on the far end of the Expo site and is easy to spot because of it’s bright blueish purple color. The image that spreads across each gigantic side is a sunset sky as seen through the branches of a tree. There is a central stage for cultural performances but the best feature was the giant wall of faces that surrounded this stage. It was awesome!